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Game Audio India is a campaign to build, support and scale the games and interactive audio ecosystem here in India. With a large number of indie and big gaming studios working on a variety of mobile games and some AAA games, there is a huge scope of establishing the game audio mindset.

Yes, mindset – more than a skill, what the gaming industry in India needs is an understanding of the possibilities that audio provides. Hence, GAI is beyond the bubble of the audio teams. It’s about creating awareness amongst game developers, game designers, producers, publishers and every function involved in this collaborative process who eventually would require to have as good perception about audio as they already have about storytelling, marketing, game mechanics, code, version control and visuals.

The audio community is at a stage where there are a significantly high number of linear media music composers, sound designers etc as compared to those who ‘really know’ the approach required for games and interactive projects. It’s the apt time to upskill this talent pool so that India gains an abundance of the right kind of skill sets that almost every recruiter is struggling to find as of today (January 2023)

Since this is a campaign, it will require a sustainable implementation. This means involvement of more people who are equally or more passionate about this cause. With this in mind, we require volunteers, professionals and an infrastructure that can run organically.

So, we have decided to keep all of the data on free resources, such as Google Sites for the website, Sheets, Forms & Docs for the documentation, Discord for meetups and Google Calendar, MailChimp & social media for events, schedules and promotions.

Success Criteria: If by the year 2025, major titles in the world start setting up their Audio Departments in India, there is a bump in requirements of audio roles in other indie companies, and audio mindset becomes part of the game development process in India, we’ll consider this as a sign of progress.


Who we are

In our efforts to scale this domain, we have the support of some talented people from around India.

Prashant Mishra

Scaling up the community

Prashant is leading the efforts to build an audio & music tech ecosystem in India. For this platform, his role focuses around defining the vision, connecting with people, cultivating a collaborative mindset and managing GAI. He also spends time teaching and sharing feedback as required.

To know more about Prashant, check out prashantmishra.xyz

Nishanth Palle

Art & content

Nishanth leads the efforts required to create the necessary content that we post on our social media. He is a sound designer and contributes to games and loves to create music & sound redesigns. He has been exploring trumpet and is also the designer of the logo for Game Audio India.

To know more about Nishanth, check out nishanthpalle.com

Rahul Ranganathan

Discord & live streams

Rahul leads our Discord server and the planning required to keep the meetups stay engaging and meaningful. As a game audio enthusiast with over a decade of experience crafting audio, he has played the role of live performer, producer, FOH engineer, and most recently, game audio designer.

To know more about Rahul, check out monohive.


We will soon be looking for more members to join us in building this ecosystem. If you're someone who'd like to contribute to this not-for-profit campaign, stay tuned.