A campaign to build, support and scale an ecosystem for games & interactive audio mindset in India.

Here are some talks by our community members:

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Join us for our 2nd Community-led Event, hosted by Dhruv Jindal (Co-Founder & Head of Audio at Freefall Audio) & Raunak Barde (Sound Designer at  Nodding  Heads Games, Raji)

13th July: The talk and discussion will highlight approaches sound designers can take while pricing, planning and marketing their services. Discussion will aim to de-mystify audio practices and planning for pipelines in the game audio landscape.

21st July: Presentations from the participants of the Do it Wwisely game audio challenge aimed to get new learners to convey sonic ideas through Wwise implementation. If you'd like to participate, there's still time.


India is a land of talents – untapped and often undermined. The aim of Game Audio India is to upskill audio enthusiasts in India to understand game & interactive audio and build a community that is self sustainable and helpful.

This is NOT the first attempt at this, and definitely not the last. We'd love to invite everyone who has made an effort in the past to join us to share their experiences with the community.

To know more about our vision, check out the About page.

How to connect?

Well, the process is straightforward. Firstly, you can follow us on social media using the following links:

Community Meetups

Our Community Meetups have been a lot of fun and a great learning experience for all of us. We discuss ideas, shared experiences and talked about the vision to build this ecosystem together. To participate in our next meetups, keep a check on our Events page or follow us on social media.

Keep a check on our social media or the Events page for more information about our Community Meetups.