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Here are a few important resources and links that you must explore while exploring the games & interactive audio domain. We will add more information here in the coming weeks and months.

Learning Resources

Mentorships & Conferences

A good way to learn is by finding mentors and meeting people. As we grow the local community in India, we'll have more mentors to help you with.

Additionally, we suggest the following:

Collaboration & Game Jams

Now this is not a famous approach in India, yet. Particularly in the creative audio industry, there is more sense of competition than of working together. However, it's important to note that game development is an extremely collaborative process –  far more collaborative than films or any other domain. It's a mix between software development workflows and creative ones, which makes it unique in its own way.

So while your showreel matters the most in getting paid gigs, so does your soft skills & understanding of interdependent work. The best way to gain such experiences is game jams. Here are a few suggestions:

We'll add more suggestions here. Meanwhile, if you've some recommendations, please share with us here.

We're also planning on setting up game jams in the coming months so stay tuned.