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Past events

Join us for our first Community-led Event, hosted by Raunak Barde, sound designer for Raji.

22nd June: Exploring everything related to setting up and starting creating soundscapes for a videogame project with Wwise. We’ll be exploring RTPC, Switches & States and testing these in real time in Unreal Engine 5.

23rd June: Do it Wwisely, a game audio challenge aimed to get new learners to convey sonic ideas through Wwise implementation. The theme will be announced at the end of the workshop on 22nd June and participants will present their work on 23rd June.

Our aim is to host regular events so that everyone interested in delving deeper in the domain of games & interactive audio gets to meet people and possibly collaborate. Keep a check on this page and the calendar that we have shared below to know what's coming up next.

Community Meetup

Our next Online meetup is scheduled for February 18th, 2024 at 3PM IST and will be hosted on Zoom so that more people can participate. Use this link to join the zoom call at the mentioned time:

In-Person Community Meetup

Our first in-person meetup will be conducted in Bengaluru.

Venue: Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters | Indiranagar Unit 2:

Schedule: February 11th, 2024 at 4PM IST

NOTE: This is a casual meet up in a cafe, aimed primarily at the community members getting to meet each other.

GAI Meetup 2024.01

Our next meetup is scheduled for January 21st, 2024 at 11AM IST and will be hosted on Zoom so that more people can participate. Use this link to join the zoom call at the mentioned time:

Community Meetup #2

To stay up to date about our next events, make sure to subscribe to our Google Calendar at and to our Telegram at:

We started our Community Meetup on 8th October 2023 and loved the participation from all of our members. We discussed ideas and took suggestions from everyone about the types of activities we could do to build this ecosystem together.

Wwise Training – Free to All

In Jan - Feb 2023, Prashant Mishra had conducted a short duration session with a few sound designers who wanted to get into the gaming domain. The idea was to help them get started and get comfortable with the concepts of game audio, particularly in Unity & Wwise but in a way that can translate beyond these apps. Some of them now are doing full time projects and have a better understanding of thinking in sound. We will consider another session in the future if there's demand.

Game Audio India Events Calendar